TUNE Models – We are family

We work according to this motto, since it is reflected in all our business lines - wether in the work with our models and the way they live #TUNEfamily, in the cooperations with our customers, in our work with extraordinary faces and personalities, or in the behavior towards one another.

Honesty, openness, fairness, personal commitment and individuality are the key to mutual success and the achievement of common objectives. As a mother agency, we work integrally and constructively. Always focused on a responsible and sustainable cooperation - nationally as well as internationally.

TUNE Models was founded by Florian S. Yüksel in Munich in the year of 2008. From the outset, the agency focused on the modeling youth of tomorrow. The portfolio still consists for the most part of self-discovered talents and models./p>

About Florian S. Yüksel

Florian started his career in the marketing of international image rights and as photo editor of several German publishers. With his experience and expertise for the aesthetic, he took the next step and founded an agency for the placement of creative talents from the fields of photography, fashion & beauty and spectacle.

2008 Florian focused on model management and founded TUNE, his first pure modeling agency.

„At the age of 22 I founded TUNE Models with my greatest conviction. With my philosophy, my values and my down to earth way of working, I firmly believed to become successful in this market. My daily work are people who are close to my heart and not any personnel numbers whose faces and life stories I do not know. Therefore TUNE Models is no classic marketing machinery, but much more an agency for integrated personal management. "(Florian S. Yüksel)